The Deaf Leading The Deaf

by The McCarthyists

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Gather around and blast this record with your most disabled friends!


released July 2, 2019


all rights reserved



The McCarthyists New Jersey

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Track Name: Bill Sikes
her face lays on the floor. blood streaming reaches past the door. it only matches for the thought which created a core of hatred. someone is bound with lies. and nancy cried all night. he beat her again. this time he killed her. she told the truth. a moment to recant her thoughts as they all become scant. and nancy had stage fright. she wished to die. this time he killed her. his accidental noose.
Track Name: The Hypocrisy
ryan is the manager of the hotel his father owns. he is expected to pay off all those college loans. mcdonaldization coming at you irrationally. it doesnt make sense but its our precedent. the omniscient ones are now being regarded as nonessential. big brothers panacea is putting us at health risks. gmos and chemical warfare all make perfect sense to the genius politician. mr. president do you understand? we cant go on like this. we are ryan. we are trying. we are dying for change.
Track Name: Hit and Run
driving through a blinking yellow light. no hesitation no fear no fright. projecting messages of hindsight. all read on billboards foreign street signs. they give me a sign of hope and meaning. i once witnessed a deer make eye contact with headlights. late in the evening when he was finally consigned to a miserable death by a student at high speeds wanting to leave. when i called the park ranger it was already too late. he had already found the strength to get up off the sand and rocky ground. thats when i heard the cracking sound.
Track Name: The Road
theres a road that ive been contemplative to. i think that i now know why. impeached and aggravated. wanting more but i cant say that. ive got all that i need. and i dont think that it would change me. maybe to a slight degree. but i dont care enough. ive been here before and ill be just fine. when youre at your final minute will you still think of your world the same? is it what you expected it to be? did you ever go down that road? or is it in the back of your mind? contemplating cant decide? and i dont think that i could.
Track Name: Punk Rock Beauty Pageant
with every little useless patch you consign yourself to scratch marks and hot iron burns. like a faucet overturned. do you really expect me to overflow at the seams? given your dumb cowardly routines. hey check out this op ivy. i got it from my mommy. yeah i just dyed my hair blue. now it matches with my shoes. they were imported from spain you would not believe the cost. only $6.99. and yeah that includes handling and tax. so now i can finally fit in with this group of punk rock musicians. i finally found myself. now i find myself at yellowcard shows where i am totally unrecognizable.
Track Name: Nova and Craig
craig is just a guy more like a fugitive. hes a career criminal. he robs banks for a living. well he just got caught spent 5 years locked up and he learned how to rob banks better than ever before. "i cant do this by myself. can someone please help me?" he said "i need a companion". nova was a good girl but did look lesbian. sure a dui but thats nothing. she met craig in a bar thanks to a mutual friend. they immediately hit it off and never looked back again. "i am into bad boys and you look like the one." she said "what should we do next?" robbing banks and killing people. slitting others throats. escaping into getaway cars and then making love. bonnie and clyde. things were going great until nova took craig home to phoenix arizona to meet her family. then they recognized craig as a fugitive as a bank robber and they kicked him out of their home. "we did some terrible things and i still miss craig." she confessed "but im gonna find him." craig and nova sentences over. whatcha gonna do? you are so beautiful in fact ill rob this bank for you. i would do anything for you. i know that you would do the same. if we get arrested again lets just kill the cops.
Track Name: Didn't Go
hes just a man that thinks hes right. living in a world of disbelief where everything is just so trite and no one understands his leave. another vacation away. a sojourn. a short stay. mom and kids left at home. where he stops no one knows. hes just a man thats getting bored. he hates the family to provide. hoping that tonight he scores thanks to his other persona/life. the pondering continues. good looks and sinews. a broken family worst case. for him that is first base. hes never coming back. first class. bags pre-packed. death can be such a snake. i didnt go to his wake.
Track Name: Different
she questions herself as she backs into the dark. relieved to find that hes broken apart. such somber signal is lost and so far it goes. straight through the eye. a meaningless dart. ive given up. ive given in to the dreams that ive had. such little contact. theres nothing that ive said. like a balloon i explode when im mad with pressure. this heat is sure fueling me. like a bomb i fearfully kill. i am all gone like a corsage. loved for a day. sent on my way. caught up in myself. i deserve this hate. when will this stop? life is useless in this field of plain. its stopped. everything has flatlined like my heart. you made me different.
Track Name: Modern Tapestry
the darkness encroaches us without pause. theres someone listening behind these walls. i tried to expel my fears but instead i shared. this is the first time anyone has cared. im coming home again. do you hear me now? distant trust ahead. my thoughts are loud. we all asked for this. modern tapestry is all we need. it binds us to the seams. the only knot in my attention span is the one which welcomes me with open hands. i am there again. do you hear me now? distant sorrow ahead. these screams are loud. no one wanted this. do you know what youve done to me? made accomplice to anarchy. you are the problem i cant solve. ive been there. ill wait. this is disaster.
Track Name: The Punk Song
im in one of those moods again like if you find me count to 10. youll find me in a bedroom unlacing both tied shoes. ill tie them in a noose. saving it for you. im gonna restrict your oxygen and make you want to come again. youre gonna be seeing stars. wear long clothes to cover the scars cause no one wants to see the aftermath of a horrific scene. blood soaked ravine. just a night with me. take me home. i want to go. no one likes a perverted psychopath. when youre here theres no escaping. just lay back with your asshole gaping. might as well star stargazing. ill be back my hearts racing. so much shit to do. shit. shower. shave. screw. apply krazy glue. all i do for you.
Track Name: Juliet Kills
11:00 and i cant sleep. at least theres one person i can keep awake with me electronically. i text her at night and she replies with one word answers and sometimes a little heart that makes it all. juliet youre killing me. im left standing with no receipt. theres no one to know what we said. juliet. i get nervous in real life. i act like a clown just in spite. i just wanna make you laugh. it sometimes feels like i might drown. but you always do come around. you make me such a stupid/happy boy. juliet youre killing me. at least in my eyes i cant see a reason to suffer. you heal me now. i contradict myself cause i wanna be your friend but at the same time i wanna be more. am i dumb or am i impaired for thinking that im paired with you. juliet do i kill you when i make you see me through? i just wanna be with you all the time. juliet just run away no matter how much you should stay. im a fool ill make you one if you stay.
Track Name: Punching Bag
excuse me i hate to interrupt but i just do not feel safe in the midst of underpaid workers who feel its their sole duty to put food on their families tables. wheres the keynsian thought process on that? im getting used to but im feeling like i kinda disagree with the values i was raised into. sleepless nights and days id rather be alone home and safe are all dissolved and im not one to complain. take this man a vietnam veteran and 87. worked every day for 63 years. he barely got by. worked 2 jobs but theres no option to retire until he found himself applying for food stamps. who wouldve guessed? he lost all of his pride and yet he was denied. they said he made too much money but barely got by. 4 years later he died and was replaced by some inexperienced kid like me. they can be paid at minimum wage, ya see? existing solely to prop up the economy. in a world that constantly disagrees im starting to rather be a refugee. i am trapped between a world of western esotericism and enforced masculinity. i intend to destroy your faithful lands and your precious tombs. but a punching bag its more likely that i will sit back and retire to my room. escaping all laws! new wave holocaust! make the machines go! pleaful ceo

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